Car Mechanic Simulator 2014


The reason why Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 had a lot of bad reviews after its releases in summer of 2017 is a number of serious bugs and lags. Some players even couldn’t launch the game, others couldn’t finish the complete quests and gain experience points. Also, some cars were not available due to the mysterious reasons. And saving progress wasn’t available as well.

No wonder that the developers from Red Dot Games had to apologize publically. They immediately started to release patches to fix the major issues. These updates appeared daily. The developers even asked the fans to demand their refunds on Steam. This is a very rare thing when game developers publically make excuses and try to fix the problems within the first month after the release. Currently, 6 patches have been included into the first version of CMS 2018. According to developers, these cars are like babies for them and they want to get rid of all mistakes to let fans enjoy this game as it has been initially presumed.


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