Car Mechanic Simulator 2015


If you want to become a professional in this full-fledged auto mechanic simulator, you will have to learn how to repair and sell several hundred cars. Your initial task in CMS 2018 is gaining enough reputation of a master of all trades and become a virtual analogue of Scrooge McDuck. Your personal workshop is the main place where you are hanging out in the game. This is the place where your clients will come to ask you repair their cars or where you will work on your own projects – found or bought on Junkyard or Barfind. By the way, each story quests will offer you the list of customers and cars to choose from, an approximate repair budget, and the time limit. If the customer does not get the car repaired under the schedule, he or she will disappear from the list of regular clients and you will also get negative reviews and zero experience points.

About gaining a lot of reputation or experience points. Each client that you will give you an order for car repairs will eventually leave the workshop. He or she may pay money for your work if they are satisfied, but also leave a review about the services – this is how you earn the reputation points. If you have finished the auto project until the time schedule, and also have correctly replaced all details, more people will know about your Workshop, and it means that the number of clients and orders you will start getting. If you decline more orders than completing, prepare to lose clients once again. Act smart and balance story quests with side orders. Keep in mind that becoming a pro in Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 will be easier of you start fulfilling the individual, side quests. For these tasks, you can additional funds and reputation/experience points. For example, if you successfully examine and repair the car in a mini-quest apart from the main story quests, you will earn 10 reputation points and get $ 10,000. The amount of bonuses will increase along with you climbing the career ladder in CMS 2018.


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