Car Mechanic Simulator 2016


Car Mechanic Simulator 2016 is one of the most unusual puzzles that were released this year. It cannot be said that it is too complicated, but it is rather challenging even of the experienced car mechanics who earn money with this profession in real life. Also, playing CMS 2018  can be extremely useful for novice mechanics, because many things are very accurate when it comes to repairing and replacing car parts. According to the developers’ statement, they were consulting a professional team of workshop owners and experienced car mechanics to add as much realism to this project as possible. They recorded the process of repairing a car from scratch to the giving the keys to its owner on video and then created the similar stages and quests in the game. How many indie simulators can boast such accurate approach and dedication? Surely, professional car mechanics will find many inaccuracies and simplifications in the gameplay process of CMS 2018. But for those who do not know where the car oil filter is in real autos, this game will be a genuine revelation and the ability to experience the routine of a car mechanic. Those who are too lazy to mess with the engine and running gear, can simply buy, re-paint and resale cars to get more experience points. Those who think repairing cars as puzzles will definitely get more fun when playing this project. Don’t expect much from the racing part as well. You can only test drive the repaired cars. The only test track is a small ring road around the old factory. At your disposal, there is a view from the inside of the car’s salon without the ability to rotate the camera and the complete absence of any damage system. See, even arcade racing games are better than this. However, CMS 2018 is not about racing. But if you managed to break the car during test driving, you are to repair it with your own money above the budget.

You start the game with your phone. Pick up the phone and select the task by clicking “Receive”. At first, the tasks will be simple like changing the oil. After all, the tasks will become more complicated. Some tasks will be very difficult to perform and you are to try over and over again, just like with solving puzzles. In particular, it concerns those tasks when, for example, you need to change the belt driven generator, but when you look outside of it, you won’t be able to see this part instantly, because this belt is located inside, under the hood.


  • Look
  • Shoot, click on

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