Car Mechanic Simulator 2017


Additionally to the endless repair quests and small test drives, in Car Mechanic Simulator 2017 there is a paint shop. You can open your own pain shop for repairing cars – 6000 experience points (EP). You start directly in the Workshop where you will be able to repair and paint cars. The access to other gaming modes has to be unlocked. Simply, you need to buy an access with your EP. For example, for 3000 EP you will be able to open the Test Track mode and for 9000 EP – Parking Lot. In this mode you will be able to buy cars and just drive them around the city.

But the most important thing that you need to upgrade with your EP is a box of tools. In the beginning, the game offers only 11 tools to work with, it is not enough for the big projects that bring more EP for the quests. To unlock the new tools you will have to spend 1000 EP per each time – but this investment definitely will be paid a few times in the future. To earn about 1000 EP, you are to repair, at least, 7 cars.

In order to get more EP for each customer’s request, you are to pay the special attention to testing the quality of the changed motor grease. It may seem a trifle, but it surely impacts on the customer’s feedback. To change the oil, you have to switch to the Disassemble mode and pick the yellow dipstick. If the liquid is of dark brown color, then change it, even if you were not asked to do this. Such bold decision will surely bring you extra money and EP. Lift the car and remove the oil pan. You can even pre-set this kind of a tank before using it. It looks like a red tank with a watering can (on the left side of the Workshop’s interface). After that, put the tank in a place, lower the car, lift the hood and open the oil lid, which is located just above the dipstick, straight on the engine. Next, you will see an oil tank. Pour the new liquid into this hole and screw the lid.


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