Car Mechanic Simulator 2019


The auto workshop management, repair services, tuning, body painting – this is a list of features available for gamers of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. You should expect the photorealistic graphics in HD quality, more than 40 luxury cars can be repaired with the almost 99% accuracy to the real designs. At least, 10 tools for work are offered during the first missions. Also, only in CMS 2019 you will find more than a thousand of spare auto parts and options. This will be enough for studying for many hours while creating your car workshop business in CMS 2018.

This auto simulator is divided into several modes that will be unlocked eventually, as soon as you get the experience: Salon will allow building a unique car, Barnfind and Junkyard allow practicing in seeking the potentially valuable cars for repairing and resale them in future. There is also a track for the test drive, as well as a full examination to check any characteristics of any car. You can take pictures of your legacy to let other gamers or potential customers compare how the car looked before and after your work. Also, it is great how to you can repair any detail in any automobile. For example, you can completely remove the engine with a mini-crane. Rotate, zoom and explore the auto parts before deciding how to fix it. You can even remove the rubber from the old wheel and disks on a special stand. Zoom the parts before screwing them to the body. A small advice – make sure to test drive the sports cars only on special sports tracks. Only in such way you can be fully sure that the quest will gain money and experience points and the client will remain completely satisfied.


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