Car Mechanic Simulator 2020


Meet Car Mechanic Simulator 2020, your virtual car workshop that has grown even better than before! The graphics has grown more plausible and detailed and the process of repairing has become even more realistic, with an immense number of parts to fix and attach and tools to perform the subtlest of operations with. Still, this is a leisurely, meditative game for those who love technology and cars. A kind of auto-RPG, only instead of winning races or battles you need to repair their consequences.

The gameplay has remained largely the same. You receive orders, some of which are part of the plot, and some are randomly generated. You find faulty components, disassemble the engine, suspension, exhaust system, etc. for spare parts, repair a broken one or buy a replacement, correct the malfunction and send the repaired car to the customer. That brings you experience points and allows you to discover new abilities, expand your workshop and buy old cars. It may sound a little boring for some players, but the pleasure of digging in the engine of a 1960 sports car, if you value and love technology and can appreciate the engineering beauty of a retro vehicle, is simply unrealistic. If you are one of these people, you just won’t have time to get bored.

Orders follow one after another, the insides of cars of various eras and classes are significantly different from each other, and exploring them is insanely interesting. The tasks grow more complicated as you progress through the game allowing you to improve your knowledge of mechanics and cope with challenges that you would have had no idea what to do about just a couple of days ago when you first started playing the game. Who knows, maybe the skills you obtain here, in Car Mechanic Simulator 2020, will even help you in real life, with your own car!


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