Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is a sort of unique indie project for the auto repairing enthusiasts because it is so far the most complicated and detailed game that allows repair autos with the maximum realistic approach. Surely, like any indie game CMS has a bunch of positive and negative sides to dwell on. Before playing this game simulator, you can check pluses and cons to get a fuller picture.

Pluses of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 include a vaster choice of modern and classic models of cars. Also, players will get an access to more than a thousand of tools of spare parts, Junkyard and Barnfind mode (that is completely new for this installment). A number of various, engaging quests to fulfill in order to receive in the in-game currency and experience points. Players received an opportunity to test drive their repaired projects, so in addition to a car mechanic simulator you get a sort of an arcade racing game. Don’t expect NFS series, but driving the car repaired with your own delivers even more joy. Add to this excellent graphics and soundtrack – and the title instantly becomes worth your time. As for the minuses of CMS 2018, the main problem, especially at the project’s launch, was its optimization for PCs. There were a lot of issues starting from small freezes and quests problems till an inability to play the game at all. Also, fans of the series were complaining about the interface that became more confusing and complicated, if comparing to CMS 2015.


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