CMS 2018


As soon as you receive the order for car repairing, the task can be of 3 types – whether you repair the wheels, engine or suspension. Depending on the type of repair, your sequence of actions will vary. For example, the wheels can be upgraded or replaced, while the engine should be dismantled, thoroughly examined for malfunction and not only. Determine the problem in the customer’s automobile with a special tool. This is where the firs challenge comes: you need to analyze every detail of the car, while keeping up within the specific time limit, so you need to work extremely quickly on CMS 2018. Of course, you can buy the additional time with in-game currency and fulfill the complete analysis without hurry.

All auto problems can be divided into 2 types: simple and complicated malfunctions. Simple problems (yellow label) mean that the vehicle’s part can be repaired, but you have to figure out how to do this. In the case of wheels, you need to remove the wheel with the right tool (or buy it if you don’t have it), pump and bleed the tire, test it in action and install it back. At the same time with heavy malfunctions (red color) is easier – just replace the part with a new one. At the same time spare parts for repairs are purchased in their spare time and at wholesale prices, while customers pay the full cost of the engine or tires. So, the difference goes to your pocket.

In the most cases of individual, mini-quests that you will receive apart from the story campaign you are to climb under the hood or climb under the vehicle. If you need to go under it, then press B and point to the elevator that will lift the car. Go to the side and press the right button on the remote control. You can open the car’s hood with the single button.  Click the left mouse button in the place where you think the fault should be, then press C and P (all Russian letters) and the car in front of you will appear like a detailed scheme. The parts that need repairing will be marked in red. To see them, press the 3 key on the keyboard, which will take you to the study mode. After you have defined the necessary part, press button 1 to launch Disassemble mode. The right button of the mouth is responsible for removing all car’s parts, and the left one – for unscrewing and tightening the bolts and nuts. It’s very simple.


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