When playing the single campaign in Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, you will eventually get an access to the quests with certain challenges like temporarily hidden engines (just like in a real life). Some spare parts will be instantly available for repairing – the other ones demand more effort and time to be fixed. For example, at some point you are to repair W12, V8 OHV C or rotary engines. If you have a car with one of these engines, then you are aware of the face how hard fixing them can be. Check the tips on how to find and repair these engines in CMS 2018.

In the very beginning of your mechanic’s career, the only way to get a quests for repairing an unusual hidden engine is through the game editor. First, you need to launch the editor. It is very simple to do – find and choose Play in the main menu, then select “Run the Editor”. Then choose any car, preferably from the official DLCs – Mazda or Dodge models. However, the choice of a car is not that important. If you have already come across the car with a hidden engine, choose this specific car. Important! Then open all doors, trunk and hood of the picked car and only then press the button “Explode Car”. Your auto will actually explode and the next thing to do is to choose “Engine”. In this sub-menu you should go to the last point. You will see the list of available engines, including the hidden ones like rotary, W12 Twin Turbo or V8 engines, with a compressor or supercharger options. Simple as that.


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