Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is an awesome game with lots of details that many fans do enjoy to compare to the real situations of repairing cars. However, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 interface is far from ideal and to get to some menu options, you’ll have to rotate the camera constantly. This is not very convenient and needs time to get used to. On the other hand, some interface settings have been purposely simplified to make sure you disassemble and then assemble the car in a few clicks. Most players on Steam say in their reviews that generally you will need about 5-6 hours to get used to the new interface and stop noticing it. Also, keep in mind that the demonstration of rust cars at Junkyard is far from perfection and sometime the damage is harder than it appears.

Another challenge for beginners is to earn the first money and experience points. Straight from the game’s beginning you will have to go through Sandbox tutorial successfully. You may examine 3 cars with a limited number of tools and spare parts in your Workshop to investigate. After repairing one of these autos you can test track the project. Each tool that you own has a short description explaining how to use it. This is a very smart tutorial because you don’t need to use Google to understand how to use each tool. Later you can read these descriptions in the Workshop’s equipment chapter. In order to complete the first order fully, you are to test track the repaired car successfully. While testing, you need to check the upper left corner where 3 stages are shown. You are to complete all these stages. And, frankly speaking, braking is the really challenging stage here. Never brake behind the green zone, cease driving when you are into it, even if you were moving with a low speed. After completing the test track, you will be able to proceed to the main gameplay uncovering in story quests.


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